12 September 2010

Two Weeks

Great news on two fronts, Steve is back to full health so my first race will be in my home town this day two weeks.

I wanted to see all the commotion involved in race day and I am extremely interested in triathlons. Our home town hosted one today so I went along and watched Steve in the race. it was a sprint type triathlon and it catered for all kinds. There was bikes valued between 100euros to thousands of euros. I thought it would be all these serious competitors but each person was out to reach there own goals.

Steve finished strong and hard. Hard ripples in the water was causing a few tri athletes off course. One guy that came out of the water, he stopped up by me. His legs was suffering from severe muscle pains. I asked should I get him a medic. He replied.. "no, all I need is my bike, if only I can get to my bike". Then he walked off slowly towards the bike rack 100meters away.

So two weeks is when I will hit my first race. Still looking forward to it. Will go up to Mayo next week and watch my friends take part in the relay tri. This will probably involve a few drinks afterwards so I will put in a hard effort of training this week.

Well that's the news anyway. Let the new week begin.


Anonymous said...

Cheers for the mention PmcD!
Stiff sore and sorry today, but damn happy with the result. Great day.

And those ripples...they seemed monsoon like while swimming in it!

Keep up the running, remember to taper off too!!

pmcd20 said...

ya Steve. be definatly taking it easy on the final week. next three days i will push it and rest Saturday and Sunday. Light workouts will be only done on race week.

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