23 August 2011

Just a little update

Yes, being awhile since my last post.  There has being punctures. lots of close calls and lots of calories burnt.  I have being knocking up some 10kms in the running front. Still slow and way off my 57:46min that i knocked up in last years race.  Current fastest 10km around the lake was 1:06. I did this with a friend and i think i will shed another min or two when doing it on my own.  Roadworks was going on last week so maybe sometime this week i will give it ago. 

The cycling then has being going steady. Not knocking up any serious milage per cycle but putting in some 33kms.  Will need to go out on cycles over 2 hours but prefer to use the time on long runs. 

So the Loughrea Grey lake 10km is on next month. i want to beat my previous time. Maybe if i didn't get sick i would be flying it now but i could also say if i didn't drink every weekend aswell. Anyways 57:46min is the time to beat. I don't know how i pulled that time off last year. think the atmosphere and my first race made me run a bit harder then usual. 

The week after the Loughrea 10km, there is a duathlon in Mullingar on the first of the 1st october. A nice 5km/20km/2.5km. I think its only 20euro going to Barnardos. Can't register online and its a sponsership card job. Hopefully my friends Paul and Stephen be around to take part. It could be another battle between myself and Paul while Steve would be ahead taking pictures. Speaking of pictures. Being trying to get the previous duathlon pictures we took part in months ago from Paul.  He had finially got them onto his computer now. Fast mover i tell ya.  Probably next year he will send them onto me.

Well thats the craic, other key areas i should be looking into is core streatching. Must start doing some. Hope all your training is going well. Think i will head in to watch the Galway Ironman. Going to be epic.