01 September 2010

Catch 22

I never wanted to look like a body builder nor do I intend in trying to finish in the top 20 in marathons so I always was quiet content in doing both weights and running.

However running and taking part in events and getting some personal bests has taken over so I have decided I want to do a program of just running in order to increase my speed. Yes this does mean that the poor muscles I have gained in the last few weeks will wither away.

I do want to run this 10k around the hour mark and will not be able to do that if focus on both running and weights.

My gym trainer will outline a new program for me Tuesday. I suspect there be interval training involved. I was going to outline some factors on interval training but this article says it all. My best read of the day. CLICK HERE Really has got me looking forward to this challenge.

I will be still doing weights. Lower weights with higher number of reps. This be build up for resistance training. Wont be muscle building but keeping my muscles in shape.

Also looking to pick up a racing bike, really cheep racing bike. around the hundred euro mark. Just to do a bit of cross training. If anyone sees one, give me a shout.

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