Core Strength

I need to add Core Strength Training.  Losing to much energy without it.

I went onto the Beginner Triathlete site found some core strength training workouts.

Weeks 1 & 2 : 3 sets 15 repetitions. 3 exercises.
Weeks 3 & 4: 4 sets 15 repetitions. 3 exercises.
Week 5: 3 sets 20 repetitions. 4 exercises.
Week 6: 4 sets 20 repetitions. 4 exercises.

Twist CrunchKnees bent/feet flat on floor. Fingertips behind your ears. Lead your right shoulder towards your left knee. Keep your head neutral. Your shoulders will only come off the ground a few inches. Do not come down too fast. Do not lead your elbow to your knee.
Sky ReachKnees bent/feet flat on floor. Bring arms up even with your chest, reaching up towards the sky. Keep arms straight. Pick a point above and reach for it. Your shoulders will come off the ground a few inches. Come back slowly.Variation: Keep heels on the ground, but toes off the ground.
MarchingLay face up. Knees bent. Feet flat on the ground. Hands on the ground extended by your side. Lift your hips/butt off the ground. Lift one leg off the ground and extend the knee. Then bend the knee and return to starting position. Repeat with the other leg. Be sure to keep your hips neutral; do not let them rock to either side.Variation: Bend your elbows and point fingers up, or straighten arms and point entire arm up.
QuadrupedBegin on your hands and knees. Engage the core muscles. Lift the right arm straight in front. At the same time move your left leg straight back (not up). Hold for one to two seconds and return each limb to its starting position. Repeat on other side.Your hips should not rock to one side. Keep the core engaged the entire time.
Lunge and TwistStep out with your left foot and assume a lunge position. While facing forward, bring your arms out, shoulder level, parallel to the ground, hands clasped. Twist at the trunk to the right side until your shoulders are completely turned. Imagine your arms have moved from twelve o clock to three o clock. Remain in the lunge position, but bring arms back to starting point.Finish one set, then switch to the other side.
Clap OverheadSit and balance yourself so that your legs can come off the ground. Extend your right arm overhead, next to your ear. Extend your left arm to the side at shoulder level. Bring your left arm up to meet your right hand (simulating an overhead clap). Keep your left arm overhead, bring right arm down to shoulder level then back up to meet the left, and repeat. One repetition equals left arm meets right, right goes down then back up, left goes down. The clapping motion may be done quickly. Keep your legs off the ground entire the entire time.
Double leg raise (straight leg/leg tuck)Lay face up, feet straight in front of you. Place your hands either under the small of your back, or at your sides. Keeping your legs straight, bring them up until the soles of your shoes face up. Under control, bring them down. Before they touch the ground, bend your knees towards your chest, then extend your legs and repeat. You may need to let your heels touch the ground between each raise/tuck combination. Work yourself from raise-tuck-touch ground repeat to raise-tuck repeat. The raise and tuck together are considered one repetition.
Side bridge leg/arm upLay on your right side. Prop yourself on your right hand, and balance on the side of your right foot. Bring your whole body off the ground (only contact points are the hand and foot). Once balanced, lift your left arm so that it points straight up. For more of a challenge lift the left leg so that there is separation between the left and right leg. As you master this skill, combine the leg raise and the arm raise. This exercise should be done for time. Begin with 20-25 seconds and work up to 1 minute. Easier Variation: Bend your legs back towards your butt, and balance between your hand and knee while keeping the body off the ground. Also try balancing on your elbow instead of your hand.

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