19 September 2010

I bought a road bike

Great news, I managed to find a racing bike online. It was at a good price so I couldn't leave it there. I was expecting it to be needing some TLC but everything was in good shape. Going to do some duathlons now when i manage to build up some speed and strength on the bike. There is a 40k cycle with a 6k running Humpty Dumpty event on in the 23rd October. Its a fair distance to do in a short period of training time and the cycling starts first which is unusual for a duathlon. However time will tell when i take the bike out for a few runs after the Loughrea 10k run next week.

Looking forward to the Loughrea 10k, I will taper off this week. Maybe two runs, 2 attempts at swimming and one cycle of my new bike for an hour. Must look up what to eat before a run and how to prepare on race day. I will go out and do my best. Hopefully it will be good.

Speaking of races. I was at a Triathlon up in Blacksod, Mayo. Went to watch a few friends take part in a team relay. Up on Friday night to Belmullet. Got up at 6.45am and went to Blacksod. Really was a tough to get up but i did and ended up down in Blacksod where the rain was coming down hard and a breeze that would cut you in two. Neil, Stephen and Paul had a great race especially for two of them being newcomers to this type of event. They finished 176 out of 222.

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