16 September 2010

Swimming 101

I decided to give swimming a go. I was reading the newspaper last week and I said if there is swimming lessons on it then I'm taking it. It was there twice so that was definitely a sign.

It was for total beginner lessons with Anne. She is an ex-international swimmer instructor in Clarinbridge. Don't think it could get any better. I was nervous entering the building. Just different surrounding and the new challenge I had to face but I managed to relax myself. I got talking to Anne and just by talking my nerves went away and my game face was on for my first swimming lesson.

The class of around twenty was split into two groups. One for the complete non movers and one one for people that could travel a few feet. I managed to make my few feet in my splisshy splasshy ways. Seven of us altogether made it.

I expected since it was Day 1, that it be a holding rail all the time and maybe venture out a bit with some floats. Ya it was holding the rail. getting the leg technique right. 5 mins that took. Then having ago going across in the float. 10 mins. Float with arms moving. 10mins. Then the no floats came, it was to see how far I could get across with hands out in front and just move the legs. breathing technique wasn't involved at this stage. But not to go on stage by stage. Yes I had a great time in the pool. Yes it was a superb swimming lesson. It was going at the right pace for me.

I am still along way of swimming but at least I'm off the starting line. Anne said to try and head to the pool one time before the next lesson. I really want to do this and hopefully I will find time to get in a session. Really looking forward till next Thursday. Bring it on.

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