09 September 2010

Now im motoring

Well if you read my last post, you would have seen how I didn't do quiet well from my last run at 8k.

I didn't know what type of run i was going to do today but knew I had to do something. As I said I started a new weight program this week and really feeling the DOMS from it. Really tough new program and it is a real challenge. There was no running outside completed this week. Last Monday i completed my first session of interval training on the treadmill.

Back to today though, so i said id go for a run, if the DOMS gets worse ill finish at 4k. I was talking to my friend who is taking part on a team triathlon on Saturday week. He informed me that our other friend (Super Steve) had just came down with an injury and will be unlikely to do the 10km run for the team. He has asked me to be a back up. To tell ya the truth, he didn't really ask, he just said be ready. I will be on back up duty as i know he has worked hard and shed sweat to manage the 43km bike ride. I wont let a mate down.

So in the run today, pain was setting in at 3k and knowing the possibility of having to race next week gave me the motivation and kick to push on. soon that pain disappeared around the 4k and i was in good time so I planned to do another one or two kilometers. Small cramp did set in but i told myself you ain't stopping me today. As I was meeting people again for the second time on the block, they look of amazement they gave me. This all added to my inspiration. Even if they were not looking with amazement, I told myself they were.

I got under the 50minutes (49: 32) as I planned. Gave a good 300 meter fast sprint to the line. Really proud of this result and hopefully more proud results to come.

I wish Steven all the best in his recovery. He would have finished the 10k in that time with some spare. someday hopefully I be there too. More sweat needed first.

Hope your back to full fitness soon Steve.

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