15 September 2010

Inspiring Movies

I always look for inspiration to add to my motivation to my own goals. The movies industry plays host to many inspiring true stories in the sports industry. Here is a look at some of the movies that inspire me.

Cinderalla Man A boxing story, it tells of the man you had the opportunity to hit the big stage but to no success. He returns to the working industry along with his fellow Irish countrymen and begins to work at the docks just to try and scrape by. The work was very tough in those rock bottom days. he gets one opportunity to do a warm up match with the heavy weight champion of the world. James J Braddock takes the world by storm as he defeats the world number one to become Heavy weight Champion of the world.

Cool Runnings It is only loosely based on a true story. Like the fact that the sprinters did not fall in an Olympic sprint race but they were recruited through the military. Don't take anything away from this film though. They still had to face them obstacles in order to give one hell of a show in the 1988 winter Olympics. Also there are memorable quotes from this film.

The Flying Scotsman This is one of my favourites as the challenges are very deep. Scottish cyclist Graeme Obree suffers from a form of depression and from an early age he was being bullied. He felt free on his bike and so fast he could get away from anything. This lead to his passion of cycling and he took to breaking the one hour record in cycling by his own design made up of parts of a washing machine. However the record was broken one week later, the authorities in cycling just like the bullies in his childhood clamped down on the rules which made it impossible for Obree to win using experimental methods. A gripping story and a fight to the bitter end.

We are Marshall This one is not an individual challenge, nor a team challenge but a community challenge to come to terms will the loss of the Marshall university football team and staff who died in a plane crash in 1970. After the tragedy, the president was going to suspend the football program but many people stepped forward and showed the importance of having football. A new coach took the job and fought hard to bring the community back together as one. there first home game had players from different background of sports line up. They achieved victory in a remarkable game. The community were reunited and they remained on the pitch into the early hours of the morning. they only would go on to win one more game that season but the football remained and so did the community spirit.

Throw down a comment below and let me know what movies inspire you.

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