16 November 2010

Topsy turvy

It took me awhile to recover from my last race. I took a week off and started back into light training. Then last week I put in five sessions. (3 running, 1 cycle and 1 swim)

So i was looking forward to this week. I signed myself up for the The Fields of Athenry 10k which takes place on the 26th December. Basically I will take it easy on christmas day. Just have the big dinner and let it settle through to the next day.  This race brings over a thousand people out and everyone is so merry being it Christmas and all.  Last year they postponed it due to the ice on the route but all I can hope is that we will get lucky.  However current studies of the sun still see not much flare in the sun therefore not much heat being sent our way. But we live in hope.

One of the best things about having the race on the 26th is that its St. Stephens Day.  I would say this day is next biggest day to Paddy's Day. But not if Paddy's day is on a weekday. People don't go out for the night because they don't have the following day off.  St. Stephens day is the top drinking session of the year and i am going to run my heart out that morning and then run my mouth off that evening.

this week, got off to a terrible start, I was messing out the back and went to kick a ball but somehow there was this big stone covered in the high grass and I was not evening wearing shoes. I managed to give that stone a wallop and I came off the worst. I have a big enough gash on my foot and I'm currently resting it up.  I feel like an idiot, should have known to be more careful. maybe in the future.

Well hopefully the pain will subsude and I will get out. Its amazing when you cant get out, you really want to get out there but when your fit and all ready, you get that hump thats says don't go out. well I get that anyway.

Anyways i hope all of ye are staying injury free.. All the best <3