22 September 2010

Full pedal Ahead

I took out my bike out yesterday to see how it handle. I brought it onto a new stretch of road where its nice and smooth and has a good lane by.  I put up 16km on it and was flying it for the first 8k but the final 8k was a nightmare and a half.  The trees were not blowing but some how there was open Gael force hitting right into me on the way back.  As i expected some muscles were going to be sore but the worst pain came from my man parts. will have to toughen up down there.
Cycling is another aerobic exercise, it gives your heart, blood vessels and lungs a workout, thereby reducing the risk of heart problems. Being on the bike will help me tone up my upper thigh muscles.  I really could feel the workout on them the last day.

I was only going to plan and cycle as part of a cross training exercise but now as usual I'm up for a challenge and plan to do a 40k cycle race + 6k run in a duathlon.  I suppose the more of a challenge you got, the harder you work. Unlike the Commonwealth games going to be held in India. They are so not prepared in anyway to hold the games and many athletes pulling out in relation to safety issues.

I will keep peddling and running while also tyring to learn to swim.  It is a full load but i wouldn't put it down if they weren't realistic goals. So my first 10k is coming up this Sunday. In good form for it at the moment. Still taking it easy enough this week. Will do an interval session today and  a small run tomorrow and that will be that for Sunday.  Total relaxation Friday and Saturday.

Well that's it for now, hope ye are all doing well in your own goals.


Hellie said...

In case I don't get up to see the run on Sunday, best of Luck! You'll do great! I wanna see pics too by the by!

pmcd20 said...

Thanks Hellie,
I don't know about the pics though, nobody around to snap them

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