06 September 2010

Keep moving

Last Saturday, I was looking forward to a good run, planned on running my block twice (8km). I took off in a steady pace but 3.5km in, a lorry passed and I was holding my breath as I knew a bad smell and horrible air was going to rush down my mouth. By holding my breath had caused big cramp to come on. What was i thinking, I found out the lack of oxygen will cause this to happen and silly me for holding my breath. Next time I will just put up with it and keep breathing.

I wanted that run to be a good run, I lowered the pace in order for the cramp to go away but it didn't. I had to walk a good bit of the way. maybe 1.5km. Heart ache was setting in. i was thinking about the Loughrea 10k. The week before i said I am going to do it good, Last Saturday, I was wondering in taking part at all. I finished the 8k in 54mins. I ran hard in the last kilometer since i had plenty of energy left. I wanted to finish in 50mins.

Well my first race is just under three weeks away. I'm going to look at last Saturday as a minor set back. I did a fitness test today. Massive improvements in all areas. Lost another few pounds. I'm going doing a more running program now. Did my first interval session today, will be pushing it to the max over the next few weeks. You can check out my program on the tab ahead.

I think i will attempt that 8k again next Sunday. Hopefully the outcome be much happier.


Hellie said...

Don't stress over it too much, just think you'll do the big run exactly as you want with positive thinking!

Thomas said...

Don't even think about pulling out of your race! We all get nervous, and it all will be well worthwhile in the end! Keep going.

pmcd20 said...

some positive thinking needed indeed Helen.

Thanks for your input Thomas, ill keep going and will look forward to the race.

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