29 August 2010

Continuous running

There is always someday you just don't want to do anything but you know you got to. I was having one of those days today. My new plan was to sit in and watch sport on the box. I came up with excuses like the rally cars and boy races are all over the road and its too dangerous and it was going to pour down from the heavens.

I got my mojo back thought and took to the roads. It was only one 1k of road which rally cars drove. They were not speeding due to it being a public road so everything was cool.

I knew it was going for a long run but didn't know how far. I was thinking of beating my time of 30 minutes of non stop running.

Into the run, i could hear and see some of the rally cars speeding down the country lanes. i was taken in by it. The start of the run had a big dull cloud hanging over me but the sunny blue sky broke through and this added to my confidence of breaking the 30 minute mark.

After the 3k mark, i then exit my usually 4k block and entered the mountain. Time was around 17 minutes and kept running up that mountain till 31minutes.. I broke my continuation running time and realised if i turn back, its all down hill. So no stopping and away i went. I said i deserved it after climbing a 2k hill. Then overpowered with excitement of running over 40minutes, i decided i will get home without stopping so in total i ran for 52minutes straight. :)

Now I believe i can run the Loughrea 10k straight. i don't know the correct amount of distance I completed today but i say it was around the 8k. Major factors that didn't affect me today was the breathing and no cramps or stitches. I really took it handy

In one way i wish a brought a camera to show the great trail i have for running, but on the other hand, i ain't carrying a camera.

Great end to the week, Got myself back on track. Will look to do something similar next week. Maybe break the one hour mark


Hellie said...

Well done! Sounds like a good ole fashion run!

Anonymous said...

Keep it up! At least the rally cars were only cruising past your way, our road was closed off...so I really couldn't move from there!

One of the biggest things is continuous running. Both mentally to your running confidence and to the actual times. You would be surprised how much you loose by walking compared to even a slow jog!

(by the way...might be able to fit in both kinds of sessions...haven't decided on the order yet!! :-) )


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