15 August 2010

30 minute mark

The sun is screaming down the heavens on this beautiful Sunday evening. I went for a run around the block and decided to run for my first time without stopping for 30 minutes.

I previous ran the 4km block in 22.35 and was out of breath. I also stopped up once on that 22.35 timeline to recover from a stitch. This time I was running at a slower pace and passed the 4km marker at a time of 24.04 and felt I had no problems in reaching the 30 minute target then suddenly the stitch from hell appeared. I fought through it and made it to the 30minute mark. I can’t wait till I start running for 40-50 minutes straight and then hopefully the hour where the 10km should be in reach but for now I’ll just take it one small foot in front of the other

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