14 August 2010

Breathing issues

Well as a beginner runner I am finding it very difficult to control my breathing and also suffer from cramps and stitches.

The information I came across on other websites have noted that the more running you do the more easier you breathing will become. One site noted the talk-run rule in saying you know you are running out of your dept if you cannot finish a small sentence without the need of a big inhale.

Here are the few breathing techniques I came across that I plan to adapt to.
  • Always run with your head help up to allow more oxygen to flow in.
  • Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth
  • Breathe from your belly and not from your chest

The key point is if you find yourself getting out of breath then slow down to a comfortable rhythm.

Stitch and Cramps

These pains really hit the inexperience runner and I get one every time I run. I even eat 2 hours pre-run. Some sites note the more runs and experience you get the more your body adapts to eliminating these aches.

The first time I got a stitch I was told by a runner to slow down the pace and take deep breaths. I always get the pain on my right side and this is because the liver is on that side so more stuff to rub against. To let the stitch pass I should always exhale on the other leg. So if I have the pain on my right side then I should exhale on the left leg and vice versa.

Well I plan to put these techniques into practice when needed.
Keep on running

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