20 August 2010

Compression Shorts

I decided to invest in wearing compression shorts in order to keep the muscles warm in order to prevent muscle strain and fatigue, and wick sweat away from the body to prevent chafing and rashes.

Price wise for these shorts is set a bit high for my standards. Ireland sport shops, you are looking in the region of paying 25 to 30 euro. I decided I was in no rush for them and purchased one on ebay for 15euro including P&P.

I didn’t go in today but Aldi have compression tops and shorts, tracksuits and ruining t-shirts on sale today. Always watch the specials listed on http://www.aldi.ie/ and http://www.lidl.ie/ . Very cheap and good quality items at low cost. Shop around is the key

This is the part I want to see if there is anything negative to be said about them. I searched through sites likes boards.ie and runnersworld.com to see what other people were saying about them. The main downfall is the price. Defiantly majority of comments were positive. Other notes I picked up on them sites was once you put them on, you feel more athletic and ready. I feel that way. Another key point is that even compression shorts are meant to be tight, never get a pair that are very tight.

Well after I try them out for awhile and pick up more knowledge on this running apparel I will review them.


Hellie said...

nice pic?

pmcd20 said...

Thats me.. lol.. so took it off the net.

Said i need a bit of spice to my blog.

Im sure i would look that good if I had to take a pic like that as well. hehe

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