23 August 2010

Unusual Week

Last week didn't get of with a good start since the finger was still swelled from the dislocation the previous Thursday.

I wanted to get back into the routine but hospital appointments and other appointments got in the way. Managed to go to the gym three times last week and also fitted in three runs.

My training partner also had an accident by hurting his neck messing around. So we didn't train together. It was going to be our last training week together as he is moving to the end of the earth.. Mayo.

Having a training partner pushed me to get the best out of myself. We are two very competitive guys who hate to lose and especially hate to lose to each other. I knew he had me in the upper weights but I could hold my own in the lower body and rower.

So since he was hitting off and the the bad luck of a week we were having, we decided to hit the town. Went out 3 nights last week. Good night Saturday. We said we finish in style. There is now no more drinking until the Loughrea race. I think that will be tougher then the race itself.

Also in one of the nights out, i think i bet with a guy in the upcomming race. Money is behind the bar. Who did i bet with? only God can tell ya. I think he is on the same level as myself. Even though i made this bet, the real race is against myself and push for a time around the hour.

Went for a beautiful run yesterday to ease myself back into the new week. Ran the country block and did a mile up the mountain. There was stop and starting a few times but it was a relaxing run. I liked running up the mountain, beautiful scenery and no cars or houses. Listening to the running water stream splashing along side. Nice way to ease back in.
Hopefully I will have better luck this week and not deviate to the pub.


Anonymous said...

Good to see the miles are piling up.
I might be around to add a painful session or two for ya!! :D


Hellie said...

I still think this no drinking idea is a daft idea, just so you know! Meanwhile well done on the run and getting back into the swing of things!

pmcd20 said...

Hope that session is a running session and not a pub session.

@Hellie, I know its daft but im a daft man at times

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