13 August 2010

First Running Blog

I decided my first bloging experience should be in the interest of my new hobby of running.

What I aim to bring to this blog is information I gather on my journey to becoming a strong runner. Many running sites says having a reasonable goal is critical as it also spurs on the motivation and when reached gives you the satisfaction of success. Hopefully I will be hearing the word success.

So first of all, I don’t think I am going to break the reasonable goal as I set myself a target of 10km. I decided to skip the 5km challenge as my homes town annual 10km race is coming up and what a way to start my racing. 26th Sept 2010

Loughrea Athletics Club

To give an update of my physical fitness so far. I joined the gym near the start of the summer where I began a six week program of cardio and machine weights. Cardio workouts were bike to warm up followed by the cross trainer and treadmill. Total time of cardio was around 45minutes and 20 to 30 minutes of weights.

I recently changed my gym program to doing 2 upper body exercises and 2 lower body exercises in the gym. Then for the cardio I exit the gym and hit the fresh air 3 times a week for running and use the bike for a bit of cross training.

My first road running experience was difficult to the lovely gym, I thought being on the treadmill running solid at a high tempo 5km in thirty minutes that a 4km road be no bother. Big mistake, breathing was all over the place, I had to stop after 10 minutes and again 15 and again 20 minutes. I finished the 4km in 26minutes. No shame in stopping though as I researched online and my breathing is adapting and one week later, 3 runs on and I posted a time of 22.35 on my 4km. I did also have to stop on that sue to cramp, researched it and said I should exhale while coming down on my left foot as the right side is rubbing off the liver which is causing the pain

Well that’s it now for my first post of my first blog. I hope to bring lots of great information about running and running apparel.

Oh yes, I already have one setback. I dislocated my finger playing hurling, got it popped back in but can’t bend it. If it doesn’t heal fast I will have to talk to my fitness instructor at the gym where I will probably change my program again.

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Great intro there! Sounds like such hard work though :(

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