01 June 2011

Month Review: May

About this time last month, I wondered was I going to have the same as the previous months. It did start out that way when i took to the bike and my chest was in bits. Any little hill was like a category climb

Things began to look up when the pain all over my body just seemed to disappear. It didn't take me long to say thank you and began to get back outside.  I got back on the saddle first and back to the saddle pains. Didn't focus on long distances, just nice simple strides. I then took to running 3.5km. I remember the heart was pounding and lungs could really feel the air.

I haven't increased my cycling but just getting out more. Staying around the 33km mark. usual route. Being very windy over the last few weeks. I did a 40km just recently. I am also keeping the same distance in running with a few 7km runs. I did complete a 10km run.   

Even though my times being slow, they are improving each time.  Main thing is i am enjoying being out. Even when its raining i will hit out for a run.   

I got my results today. . The x-ray has shown some lumps in my lungs. They believe it is sarcoidosis and i will have to see a specialist.  Lets just hope it was a one off and wont return. It has taken too much out of me already.

Best thing i seen on my outdoor workout this month goes to the other people. Other people out running and cycling and you give them a salute and say hi. It just gives you that little bit extra of a push when others are at it.
Worse thing was the car crash, just seen the end results of the car but its annoying when ya hear it was a motorbike that smashed into it. 

Lets hope for even better for the month of June :)

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