25 May 2011

Three Things Thursday

Alot of bloggers out there have there Three Things Thursday posts every week. I am going to start one with a bit of difference. I am going to blog about 3 things in the area of sport that have caught my attention over the week.The first on my Thursday list is cycling helmets.

1. Cycling Helmets. Should we wear one?

The law in Ireland does not require us to wear a helmet. there has being much discussion on this subject. James Cracknell was taking part in a documentary for Discovery when a  wing mirror from a lorry smacked into the back of his head. He had a helmet on but his skull was broken in two places.
The big question here was the helmet ineffective or did it save James's life.  Well, we are not going to find out unless we get James to redo his accident without a helmet. Maybe get mythbusters to run an experiment.

But no matter what side of the argument your on. Bicycle safety goes way beyond wearing a helmet or not.  Educating cyclists especially the young in the best way to stay protected on the road.  Here is a good article on How to ride safe, it is an American version so cars and cyclists are on the other side of the road, but good information is provided and not to be ignored.  Last note on this subject. I wear a helmet.

2. Bicycle Locks

I haven't got a bicycle lock yet. As I live in the country, I only use my bike for exercise. On a cycling forum site, you get many people joining and telling their story about their bike being stolen. I remember going back as a kid, Id get that loop lock for about £10.  that lock could be cut in a few seconds and id be left in a rutt.

If you have a good quality bike, you need to look at the value of individual pieces on the bike. For example many would tie the lock around the frame to the back tire. So whats left, Front tyre which are usually a quick release, saddle with a simple allen key and also could come in a quick release. So that could knock you back 200euros and a shameful walk home. I heard many good things on the Kryptonite locks but everyone has there own opinions. Check out other opinions here
I definitely recommend you check out this video on locks below.


3. Changing a Tyre

This one caught me out last week as you can see from my earlier post. After making sure this does not happen to me again, I researched some information online and checked out some YouTube's videos in changing a tyre. I would like to consider myself a fast tyre changer now and is sure not to be embarrassed again.
For a text version on changing a tyre. CLICK HERE
For a YouTube video version of changing a tyre. CLICK HERE

Don't throw out the tube, patch it up and re-use. it is said you should only patch a tube three times. Check out demostration. CLICK HERE.

On a final note. Saddle bag, main items to have.
Tubes * 2
Puncture Repair kit (3 Tyre leavers)
Phone (Never know when you run into more trouble then a puncture)
Money (Around a Tenner)
Multi-tool (Had my seat post slip on me and no allen key to get it back up)

I carry the pump just by my drink holder. Some people go for them CO2 canisters. Other People recommendations (CLICK HERE)

If you got any information you would like to add to the above topics, please post in the comment below. All comments welcome.

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