17 June 2011

Its all on now

With a good few runs this week and a nice rest day, I was ready for my next long run.  I picked up some energy gels and planned to test them out on the run.  An hour previous to the run, i downed a delicious orange,grapes, and strawberries covered in yogurt. It went down a treat.

I took off at a nice steady pace, legs felt heavy again but i knew that would go away just like the last time. It was a very uneventful run this time round. I took my first energy gel around 45mins into the run. When i usually take them high sugared isotonic drinks, my stomach never really settles to them and I usually throw up a few mouthfuls. I was expecting the same taste from the energy Gel but it was nice and delicious.

I took the kinetic orange flavour. In the shop, the store assistant said the cola flavour was the most popular and i guess that's why they were sold out. I will have to get my hands on a few more as today I just officially signed up for the Achill half marathon. It is a tough course with a category climb at the end.  I hope to get around the course in a time of 2hr 30mins. Main thing for this one is to finish it.  Only 7 weeks ago i could only run 3.6km. 

I will go on a recovery run now tomorrow. Legs very stiff at the moment. Hopefully a good night sleep tomorrow will ease the pain.  Only two weeks now. Scary thought. Below is a short video of the last years Achill half

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Sean said...

The Kinetica gels are great to take when running. You don't need to worry so much about washing them down with water as they are hyrdating already.

I love the Tropical Orange, want a shot of rum and an umbrella to go with them!

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