10 June 2011

Getting further and further (10th June)

I knew today i was going to have to push it if I ever had a chance in completing a half marathon.  So i looked out the window and seen it was a perfect day.  So taking my own advice from my previous post, I began to perform some stretches and filled my water bottles with some diluted orange and put them on my belt.  I don't have or never tried any energy gels and i didn't have any Fig Rolls either so i found some Walnuts and put them on my belt.

I took off in my tank top. it was the second time only wearing the fuel belt. Even though i had it nice and tight, it still managed some slack and was moving up and down. it was only minor movement and i soon ignored it.
Around the 2km into the run, the legs were feeling heavy. I was wondering was that from the 10km run on Tuesday and my tempo 7km on Wednesday.  I was trying to figure out should i continue on and run in an unfamiliar area or just take a small route and leave my long run to another day.  I said it wasn't pain, there were just heavy so I motored on slow and steady. 

i began to start drinking around the 3.5km. Only small amounts.  At 5km, there was a woman walking at a fairly high pace. i was nearly wondering was i going to catch up to her. As i did manage to catch up to her, she got a fright. i said 'Sorry' and continued on. i was never down this part of the road and was taking it all in. The Sun was beaming hard and it was a brilliant day.  Took another turn on the route and i began to eat the Walnuts i brought on the run. First time eating on a run and by god it was hard.  I had them chewed down to a tiny grain and then washed them down with water.

I then took a turn on the road and was up a real country lane. Really nice. i was wondering am i on the right route but I gave myself a certain time and if I'm not out then I would turn back.  Along the route, i heard a vehicle approach. Since it was a tiny route, i stood in but the briars was making that difficult.  There was still plenty of space to get around me but even tough he was already going slow, he needed to slow down more and move out. He didn't and his wing mirror was coming straight for my face, I quickly put up my hand and slam his wing mirror in and shouted out a few words.  He didn't dare get out of his big jeep and I continued on my run.  

I got back to a familiar area and said i will continue on for another 20 minutes.  My left knee was beginning to tighten up. Tried giving them a bit of a stretch and continued on. heard some dogs barking up a hill. it was around the 5th dog gone barking mad at me.  But these two come running from behind me.  i quickly turned around and let out a Yelp and had my fist squeezed ready in case thy came any closer.  One of the feckin sheepdogs came close and had was growling with his teeth showing.  He went off and i continued on.  I stopped around 500 meters from the house and walked home. Just to warm down.  Got home and completed my stretches, showered and got a bit to eat.  Still wondering how am I going to manage a 21km in a few weeks but will tackle that when the time comes.

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