23 June 2011

A run in Clare (23rd June)

Stomach bug and a sore throat has hit me since the start of the week. I couldn't afford not to go out running today so I was on my way out and my friend Paul rang me and said do ya fancy a run down in Clare.  I knew the run be slow but after so many days off, a nice run and a chat would go down great.

So we took off down to Clare to run with Emmet. Emmet has signed up for the Achill half but did leave it on the back burner so he has only managed up to 6 kilometers. We picked him up at Spancil Hill. Big horse fair on their today and we just passed through the tail end of it. Got to Emmets house before 6, changed and did a few stretches and took off in the middle of in a fine summers day in Clare.

I brought along my water belt as the sun was scorching us out there. I also brought an energy gel but did not intend to use it. I wanted to see where the best place was to carry the gel. I put it inside my compression shorts. The place worked perfect. I didn't notice it there and that should be the storage place for the half marathon.

The run itself was grand. Nice quite country roads. Pretty much flat. We chatted among the run and I took the scenery in. The Emergency helicopter flew by, we joked it was called out for us. We finished the 5.9mile route in 1.08. 
Back in Emmets house, his mother dished out some grub. Home buns went down a treat. We had a chat and took back to the road of Galway. We will all meet up again for the Achill half.  Should be a great day.

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