15 June 2011

My favourite place: Hospital

Today,  i took a visit to the hospital.  My appointment was to see to see the specialist who focuses on the lungs.  it was a nice 9.30 am appointment so i made it in around 9.45.  I did run about 2km to get in for that time but sure there was a good few people already ahead of me and it wouldn't have mattered being late. So for all my hard work getting there, I was waiting for another hour before i met a doctor. I was quite happy just to be waiting for only that time. Doctor performed some physical tests, and lots and lots of questions. In there for a half an hour before the specialist came in and perform more tests. He is the one that makes the decisions.

He pointed out that since the x-ray performed over a month ago did show up some nodules on the lungs, he does expect it to be Sarcoidosis. So what they are going to do now is more blood tests, TB test, lung tests and a few more tests. i will return to the specialist in 10 weeks or so to analyse the results and take it from there. So plenty of more visits to the hospital to come.

The main thing i can take from this is there is no more pain. I want to keep it that way. I would hate to think of being in pain so much and having to wait.

I returned home and managed to put in a 9km.. During the run, i did think how this condition could have being worse and there be no way Id be back out running. I thank my lucky stars for that and will make the most of what I got.

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