12 May 2011

Back Running

Well i went to the hospital yesterday. They took bloods and chest x-ray. Won't get results until two weeks time.  But that's not what I'm here to talk about. Will discuss the results when I get them.

So its being on my mind to get out running.  I was still a bit nervous to get out there. At the end of February, I was knocking up 7km and was comfortable. Then this incident happened and I tried a run in the middle of March and the pain in the chest was so hard. I nearly thought it was going to pop out and look at me and say 'what the hell are ya thinking?'. Well I walked 2k of that 5k run that day. I was afraid the same thing was going to happen today

So I took of very slowly, I wasn't interest in time, Not interest in much only putting one foot in front of the other. I could feel pains around the chest and heart area. They weren't so severe so I kept tinkering on. I just put it down to out of shape and hopefully after a few runs it will go away. Now that's wish full thinking.

After around 2.5km, I said i couldn't keep on going, now that's motivational talk for ya. I stopped and walked for about 30seconds and said feck this, its only a another km to home. I began to run again at snails pace but I got home.  The run reminded me of my first time I ran outside in Loughrea.  I ran up the Lake and back and it was so tough.  That's the level I'm starting at again, lets hope i can build up some decent distance this time.

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Hellie said...

Glad you got out for a run again. Better again that you did really well! Hope it all works out Paul!

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