20 May 2011

Shame on you Paul, Shame on you

Where to start, where to start.  It is rule number one to make sure you know how to change a tyre before going out on spins. Bringing out spare tubes, tyre leavers is all good but making sure you can change it properly is the friggen main thing ya need.
Just half hour into my cycle, i decided to give it hell for leather down hill. Keeping a good watch out for cars going around a bend at 50mph, I ended up flying over a stone, i was like thank god i didn't flip off but then came that dragging sound of a puncture.
On my old bike tyres, I was alright in changing them, they were wider. I did practice changing the new ones but it took me ages and I knew I was going to have trouble changing this one. Not being in a hurry, i relaxed, took a sip of water and began taking of the tyre. That took less then 30 seconds, putting in the tube,  whatever way i ended up trying to put in the tube, it would have being better if a four year old had a go.  But running around the bend was a few guys from the predator / seven springs club. The lads asked if I wanted a hand, and i was like thank god, feeling a little bit embarrassed i couldn't change a tube but I wanted to get back on the road. one of the lads had a go and after a few minutes, the little piece of air swished out of the tube. A second one gone. 

I thanked the lads for their help, well we joked about it. His advice was, if someone offers ya help the next time, just say your alright and wave them on. Good thing about chatting to the lads as i was thinking of joining the Seven springs cycling club. Will do a few more sessions on the bike and Plenty,Plenty, Plenty of practice in changing tubes. 

In hindsight, Bring two tubes and more practice in changing tyres,

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