09 May 2011

Could it possible be

I have being off the tablets now for nearly two weeks now. in the latter stage of the first week, the pains in my hand returned with some hard chest/Heart pains. I was on the verge of ringing the Doc and heading back to the hospital. I decided against going in. Since then, the pain has eased off and I have being feeling great. At the moment I just feel a little bit tight around the chest/heart area but nothing to serious.

I am still going to return to hospital for my appointment on Wednesday. Might as well get the tests done and an x-ray to make sure there is nothing there.  Right now I'm feeling great and have being on the bike twice.

I was all happy out today until i watched the news and heard about the disaster in the Giro d'italia. My deepest condolences goes out to Wouter Weylandt and all his family and friends.

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