02 February 2012

Well....Long time

Not sure were to start but i will rumble on.

First off, this is my post in 2012 and first post in a long time.  It was 2 months of no training. (middle of November to middle of January). i came down with something causing my throat to close up. just started finding it hard to breath. My inhaler was in use alot over them months. I will point out that over some of them days I was feeling fine so laziness also played apart.

My last race was a disappointment for me. I was on record to breaking my 57.48min record for 10km and took the whole week of for tapering. Stomach was sore on race day and legs felt heavy causing me to cross the line over 1:02:26. So in a year, i got slower by 5mins is what i think but I need to say i wasn't feeling good and I had just one of those days.  There was a positive to take from that day and that was my friend crossing the line in 59:08.  As he passed me on the course that day. He was determined and he succeeded in passing the finish line under the hour mark. The Loughrea 10km was full of incidents on that very humid day. Two people collapsed I guessed due to exhaustion. My lips were so dry after 10mins so I suffered till I got to the half way mark. Then the winner Jorge Torres won't be calling back anytime soon with a vehicle ran over his foot causing it to break.

So today. 2 weeks back into it. Back cycling 40kms and did my longest run came yesterday with a 11.33km done in 1:12:43. Around 6:25pace. Very happy with that and very happy how quickly I am back in it. My aim of course is to get that under the 6min pace.

So to challenges. Last year in the AnCheathru duathlon, seeing myself and Paul battle it out coming down to under a minute to decide who should take bragging rights. I had the advantage in the running while Paul in the cycling. I now believe its the other way around this year where I got myself an entry level bike compared to my metal frame last year. Paul has being putting in the runs over the last few months so he is doing nicely and working out in the gym on the thighs will stand to him on the cycles. So i got a major challenge on my hands and will have to work hard to overcome this challenge.

An Chreathru duathlon is taking place on Saturday 25th  at 3pm. so just in 3 weeks to build up a bit more, hard work needed.

Paul Mc & Paul Fahy Loughrea 10km 2011

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