13 February 2012

Just a little update

Just look at the week in review.

Last Monday I took off just over 7km run.  The run involved running uphill for about 12mins.. Nice workout for a Monday. The following day, I decided to do my longest cycle of this year. 52km might not seem alot to many cyclists out there but it was long enough for me. the cycle involved going up the mountain behind my house which includes two Cat5 climbs. the climbs were spaced out which allowed me to get my legs back.  The legs were sore and tired so decided to rest them up the following day.

Thursday, Legs still feeling it from the cycle so a a handy run was selected and off I went. I put in 11km and was happy with the day itself.  It was another long session which was taking its toll. I decided another day off and would do another good session on Saturday.

So i was re energized for Saturday. Was planning on getting up early, do a session and then head into town and watch the Man United versus Liverpool 12:45pm kick-off. So anyways, getting up late, I decided to miss the match and head out on my session.  This involved a Run/Cycle/Run. a practice duathlon for the real thing coming up in a few weeks.

I started of on the 3.6km run, went out to hard and was like what did i get myself into. Negative thoughts were running through my head in will i be able to complete the carraroe duathlon in a few weeks. I slowed up and just focusing on finishing the distance.  In the first transition, taking off runners, SLOW Changeover, over 2 mins. Felt good on the cycle, really great weather to be out in.  Lost track in time. Didn't measure how long my cycle was, my focus was on finishing and that involved another run. Jelly legs to start off with, i enjoy that feeling for some reason. the next Km in, it was all getting tough but i knew I was close to finish, hoping in for a shower and have a major sports day.  

So i finished up in 1:38. Happy completing it. I know its slow but I did it that's all that matters. I did the Carraroe duathlon last year in 1:40. This one involved a Cat5 climb in the run which was covered twice. The cycle is 22km so i think I be on for another 1hour and 40mins this year and will be happy to reach that target. I might be a bit disappointed not expecting to beat my old time out of the park but last year was a year to forget and this year I will be in good health.

So that Saturday. My sports that day. Gort lost the hurling, Liverpool lost the football. France versus Ireland was called off.. My day fairly dipped after my session..

I think all in all though it was a good week. 99km covered. 73km of that in cycling. 26 in running. Main aim this year is distance.

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