21 September 2011

Getting a Race in

It's about time some races started coming up for me.  I signed up for the Loughrea10km taking place next Sunday.  Last year, this was my first event. I completed the 10km in 57:48. Was proud on that achievement and was looking forward to taking a load off it this year. However, I got ill for a good few months and was back to less then square one.

I did capitalize on my recovery and worked hard and completed a half marathon. I expected my running to get quicker but endurance does not equal speed.  So for this 10km, i will struggle to beat my previous time but will give it a go.

Castledaly: Just up near the Windmills

I really only took up the cycling this year and I currently enjoy being out on spins. At most, i max our 50kms. Last week was my first hill spin which I climbed the mountain behind me in Castledaly.. According to MapmyRide.. it has two Cat5 climbs in the 9km upward journey.. Had to say i felt every bit of it but thorough enjoyment when up there.   One major problem I was having is my tyres. I though i had my tyre pressure up hard but Aldi quality pumps and hand pumps just not good enough. So I have being riding around with my tyres only at 40psi. Will pay for a quality pump next time.

Getting some pain after 20km of riding in the calves. I have changed my cleats to go back fully. Will give them a try after my Loughrea race. Read up online that cleat positioning is important and it be a trial and error judgement on this basis.  

So before the nasty weather sets in, I have registered for a Duathlon in Mullingar on the first Saturday in October.  Its said to be 5km/20km/2.5km.  will give it ago anyway.. just have fun..

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