17 February 2012

Tough week

Its just over a week to the Carraroe duathlon. Its fair to say its very competitive between myself and Paul as seen in many recent posts. All good competitiveness mind you. So this week Paul is off for the mid-term and instead of teaching, he is putting up the kilometers.

We decided to go for a cycle on Wednesday. He said maybe 20km, around the same distance as the duathlon but i said a little bit further. I planned a route that could either be 28km/33km/40km. so we decide how he felt since he has not being on a bike in months. He borrowed a Trek bike and we took off. One thing I noticed is that he has less revolutions in a high gear. He has being building up them muscles in the gym and it has paid off.

It is a pity i didn't time it, I would have to say we hit around 25km/hr. Wind was strong put we were pushing hard. We decided to push and do the 40km. He took to the bike like a duck to water. I thought i would have a little advantage there but it looks pretty even stevens.

So Thursday, a run was in order. I knew Paul had kept up the running over the xmas so I was expecting the worse. We decided the lake was in order and off we took. We set off on a fast pace (for us), strong headwind and light rain was the conditions. I pulled in behind him in the first couple of minutes.  It was defiantly noticeable for me as I was breathing heavily.  I knew i was going quicker then usual but I wanted to keep the tempo up. On the turn is the Bishops hill and we set up it. As i said from earlier,Paul's muscle workouts in the gym were paying off and I was losing ground on each stride to him. I was pushing myself downhill to catch up. Around 15mins in, i could feel a stitch coming on. Maybe this was no surprise but I hoped it would go away. We got to the church at 30mins. Great time and we were on for a good time around the lake only for the stitch got worse and I locked up. I had to walk for about 3mins. I let the pain settle down and took off again, there was still a small niggle there, It was starting up again then Paul told me, deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. this worked like a treat. i usually find it hard to breath through my nose for a continuous length of time but I felt much better both for the stitch and my chesty asthma. We got to the 10km mark at 1:01. This was an amazing time especially as the time included the 3min walk. This time is even better then my Loughrea 2011 10km race result. We continued on for another 1km as the full lake loop is 11.16km. Total time was 1:07:30 (6:02 pace).

Along came today (Friday), weather was misty. it was originally planned to do a duathlon practice and see how we get on but that be fairly pushing it. So another cycle was planned, changes and planned again until we decided to do the same route again this time we will put a clock on it. 5km in to the spin and a spoke snapped in Pauls bike. I offered to turn back and maybe do a run instead but we motored on. Wind was in the face for the first 8km and the turn off then we had it to our backs. we pushed hard and into Loughrea via Craughwell. When we hit Loughrea, our average was 28.5km but we knew there was over 10km to go of full throttle wind in your face and by god did we feel it. We were taking long turns at the front the whole way through the ride. We pushed hard trying to keep our average up against the wind, every churn on the pedal was felt. I said to Paul on the final 2km to go ahead. I seen how that was mistaken as to go off ahead rather then carry me home.  The spin was great when pushing yourself, muscles aching but doing your turn at the front. 

So where do I stand now. I would have to say its fairly even stevens between us maybe Paul edging out a bit quicker.  Main thing about these workouts is that I pushed myself hard and I am going to have to apply that to the race. You never know, it might come down to the final minute like last year. who knows.

Got myself some lock laces. They arrived today. Might test them out tomorrow. Its being a tough week so not sure on the plan for tomorrow. Heading off to Tommy Tiernan sat night where I will enjoy some well deserved pints.  

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