10 March 2011

Round Two Flu v Me

In my precious post I stated the flu won't knock me down, but by God its doing a good job in trying. It has hit the bone with pains all over causing me not to do any exercise at all.  I thought I was getting better last Saturday and I got myself out for a 5k and hit the town that night for a few scoops..

Sunday came around and by that night I couldn't move a muscle. I promised not to do anything for the week and expected to be feeling much better by now. Still wake up this morning with aches and pains. I plan to get out and about on Monday.  I say  Craughwell 10 mile is well off by this stage. So gutted as I was well up for it but now I hate thinking about it. All i can say is plenty of more races down the line but come on, give me a streak where I can build up something, always something getting in the way.

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