03 March 2011

Flu won't knock me down

Over the past few weeks,  I came down with the flu. All my training was done inside in the gym.  I thought I got rid of it and felt great doing the duathlon last Sunday. Went for a cycle on Monday and a run on Tuesday. By Tuesday evening I felt something was not right, it was back. It had me knocked out on Wednesday and had some hot whiskeys to sweat it out. Went to the doctor this evening and he gave me some antibiotics.

As the friendly guy I am, I got chatting to the doctor and sure enough he does some races as well. He asked me did i sign up for the Craughwell 10mile. I said no.  then he gave the look which basically said go on and sign up, you will be grand.

I was thinking of it on the way back home, I never ran over 10km and the race is on in a couple of weeks and I'm still sick.  You would think by that sort of thinking I would decline in entering the race but no, I feel lately that I'm not pushing hard. If I was pushing enough I would already have done over 10k I feel.

OK maybe with the rough weather over the last few months and some accidents played a part in stopping me but the main thing is now I feel I have to up my game. "20th March is D-Day and the game is just beginning. I will mainly concentrate on the running for the two weeks and get back to cycling after it. i nearly have struck a new deal for a bike so will be like a little kid when I get my hands on it.

If i can't run the total distance, I will walk to the finish line.  Well walk near to the finish line and run the last part. :) Main thing is to finish it. 

Also, my membership is nearly up in the gym. I am grateful for the service it has provided me. i lost a good bit of weight but nowadays, i seem to opt for the gym instead of running outside so I am not renewing my membership. I don't want to have it as a back-up option.  I will see how I develop over the coming months and look back at re-joining in the winter.

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