07 January 2011

New Year, New start. new goals

Living out in the country on the main road isn't an ideal place to run but take that plus all the snow and ice we had sure made me stay inside. Too cold..

So during the bad weather i decided to go to the gym whenever i could get my car out of the driveway. So maybe 2-3 times a week. I knew i wasn't really prepared for the Athenry 10k run which was being held on St. Stephens Day (26th December) but sure I had signed up for it, I'm doing it.  Like many other activities being planned for that time, got cancelled and was changed to the 3rd January.   I am firm man in enjoying Christmas and i ain't going to do that without having some good drinking sessions and big feeds. Christmas time was my time off from exercising and no way was I going to the race.

So its the new year, already got off to a bad start. Three days ago, I was getting ready to do a light run when i got off the chair and hurt my back. I think i pulled a muscle but god I hate it when you cant move freely and I'm also think i have a chest infection.  That's really annoying for someone who needs a puff of an inhaler before exercising.

i visit the doctor two weeks before Christmas to test my lungs.  he inputted data such as height and age and got me to puff into some machine. My lung capacity came back great. Age 20 was the result. He sent me on a hard 15min run and we performed the test again. My new age is 74.   My new best friend is the inhaler. :)

Things are now on the up.  Finally got back into things yesterday and a 45min run today. I will be staying in the gym until this weather clears up. I purchased a turbo trainer two days ago and was hoping it would arrive today.  hopefully it willl come before this nasty weather returns. 

I hope to build up my strength this year. I need to make sure this is a serious year and work even harder to achieve my goals. Hopefully I wont come across to many obstacles such as injuries.  Hope all 2011 goes as planned for ye as well.. Have a great one :)

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