10 January 2011


Woke up with a phone call, the courier was looking for directions to my house. Still wonder why Ireland has not introduced postcodes yet. 

So excitement was rushing through me and the turbo trainer had arrived. It all came pre-packaged with only a small bit of work needed.  The bicycle hooked up nicely and off I went

It was raining outside when I got it and I realised I will be using this alot.  There is one downside to this model is to change the resistance, i need to get off my bike to do it.  I put in a good 50mins today to ease myself back into cycling. My friend just told me about 50k cycle being held near me on January 30th. It is only 20 days away so not sure would i be able to manage it.  I will have to get a few more cycles in before I decide.

There is many events i am thinking about in the early part of the year but i haven't signed up for any of them yet. Even though i have no race goals at the moment, I am still determined and self motivated to keep working hard. In fact, I think I am more motivated now then any time last year.

Now i need some good movies to watch while on the turbo trainer.

Here is my to turbo trainer movie list so far I wish to watch

Breaking Away
American Flyers
Saint Ralph
chariots of fire
The replacements
Any given sunday
without limits
The Spirit of the Marathon
Running brave
The Flying Scotsman

As you can see they are nearly all running/cycling movies and the rest involves other sports.  Should give me some inspiration.  If you know any links to these movies online. Post them in the comment box below..

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