12 January 2011

Exercise-Induced Asthma

The doctor told me after a 15min workout that my lung age went from a 20 year old to a 74 year old.    I knew I always had breathing problems when I was exercising but I used to take my mothers inhaler before I began a workout

But this in not going to stop me from exercising.  A study found that 1 out of every 6 athletes had asthma in the 1996 Olympic games.The doctor prescribed me an inhaler to take before a session. It is recommended to take 15-20 minutes before a workout.

Exercise Induced asthma is caused by the tube in the airways are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity and react by narrowing the airway. Air is usually warmed and humidified by the nose, but during demanding activity people breathe more through their mouths. This allows cold, dry air to reach your lower airways and your lungs without passing through your nose, triggering asthma symptoms.

In addition to taking medications, warming up prior to exercising and cooling down after exercise can help in asthma prevention 

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