22 October 2010

Under 24 hours to go

i am just waiting on my friend to join me so we can begin our long journey down to Kerry. The weather was holding up but now the rain has come streaming down and its like theres no stopping to it.

I never repaired or replaced a tube on a bike so I decided to give it ago yesterday. It all sounds like common sense in taking off the tire and so on but I want to know how to do it quick and easy. I looked up a video on YouTube and i gave it ago. I was far beyond quick but i succeeded non the less. My back tire is bolted on and i don't have the tools to get it off so if a tire goes, let it be the front.

I am trying to figure out what i need to bring and just hoping I don't leave anything behind. Of course the right thing to do would be to write a checklist.. but that's not my style.  You never know what weather condition be throwing at me tomorrow so i will pack all sorts of stuff into the car.  It be really annoying if it is raining, poor guy lie me wearing glasses, so hard to see out of.

I purchased a bike helmet as well the last day. Got to look the part. Well its required that everyone wears one. I tested it out and its very comfortable and even has a sweat band to stop the sweat dripping into my eyes.

I know i am not ready for a duathlon like this but I'm a persistent man and my goal is to finish it tomorrow. It can take as long as it wants as long as i cross the line. I haven't completed a 40k cycle yet but did do a few 33km so I don't see it as a major problem. But if there is a strong wind against me with an uphill climb, now theres a problem. Ill keep fighting on I hope

Well i doubt i be writing about the event tomorrow, i should be exhausted. But will post up someday after the race.

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