04 October 2010

Im lovin it

Since my race two weekends ago, i haven't being out doing any hard running. Had a few little pains in my legs and was just basically afraid of making it worse. I did do a 4k and an interval session.

My main focus is getting on the saddle and getting up my endurance for the upcoming 40K challenge.  Since it is a duathlon im going to do,  i just tested my legs once I got of the bike. I went on a short run straight after and my legs were like jelly. I was running like i had 10 pints inside me. My head was in a little spin and i was trying to get my focus. But after a few short strides, you can feel everything returning. I was going to do a 2k run. Once I was into the run and a few hundred yards down the line, my leg got really sore and i began to hop. That was Saturday and haven't done a run since. Bit of rest and I think im back to normal. Hopefully nothing serious.

Today, I went to leisure land swimming pool with a friend who also is looking to improve his swimming. It was nice and quiet in there and i could learn at my own pace. I took what my swimming instructor in clarinbridge as well as other advice from videos on youtube and attempted to incorporate there advice into this swim.  There was major improvement with my technique and im getting further and further every time in the pool. Im still a mile off from even completing 50meters but the signs are there telling me im on the right track.

Well this week has got off to a good start and hopefully it will stay like that. Looking forward to going back to the pool and doing another long cycle.

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