15 October 2010

Get back on that beaten Track

Being a tough time the last week and a half. I fell of the wagon a bit. Didn't do any running for a week just some swimming. Anyways the main thing is that I'm back into the swing of things and in the last two days I got a 5k run, 21k cycle and one hour of swimming lessons in.

Another area I have to focus is my food, last night after swimming, I stopped off at the shop and picked up a pack of chocolate biscuits, chocolate bars and fizzy drink. They were all gone by the end of night. HELP..

I don't mind having a tasty calorie packed snack once in a while but last night really took the biscuit.

Positive thing I can take from last week is my improvement in swimming, i managed to do a length of the pool (25meters). A goal of mine is to do 100m by Christmas.

Well I am going to get back on track. I really need to if i got a duathlon on in under 10days.. now that be fun. its ok to say I'm not fully prepared for it, I'm going doing it to get experience and its down the other end of the country so Road trip :). I need to get myself a bicycle rack for the car. Even need a helmet, that's how much unprepared I am. I will be more focused on duathlons next year.

My goals for the end of the year is to swim 100m and to complete a 10k in 52minutes. That's 5 minutes off my personal best so that be a tough task but with some more pounds lost and more time off out on the road and getting some intervals in, its possible.

Well i will keep on motoring, hope all ye are doing well in your own goals.

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