23 March 2012

Some Ups & some Downs

St. Patricks day was a day of celebration. I never would plan a race a day after it and I didn't. My friends did though so when I woke up the following day without a hangover, I decided to go and give my support. 

Craughwell day, so many people entered. I do think the numbers were down from the previous year. These people have held off there celebrations for the following day. Making things worse on not having a few beverages on Paddy's day was watching that disgrace of an Ireland rugby match. This day though, March the 18th, God shined down from the heavens and gave such a beautiful days weather with a little breeze. We haven't seen weather like that in ages and you could see the joy in the peoples face as they all got ready to start there 10mile journey.

Three friends were taking part. Brendan be a long distance runner who completed a marathon last year. Stephen competes mostly in triathlons with focus on 10km runs and long cycles. Stephen did complete a half marathon in Achill last year and also did the Craughwell 10 aswell. One thing we knew, there would be a private battle going on even though not one of them said anything or even imply it of asked. 

Paul then, my old foe decided to take part. His aim was to finish under 1:40. Well he said his first aim was to complete the 10mile. Talking before the race, small bit of nerves were setting in but this is totally normal. little questions come into the head such as 'Have i done enough training?'. I said I also get nerves but they will go away with the first few strides of the race.  As for preparation, we did a duathlon flat out for 1h 30mins three weeks beforehand so your ready. 

So honestly, I had Brendan down to come in first but Stephen came around the turn first and just over a minutes then was Brendan. Both lads said they went out very fast at the start and both were paying the price at the end. Brendan said Steve was 50meters in front on mile 7.  The lads got the tea and some great food supplied by the athletics club. Home baked tastes that much better when there is pride gone into the baking. Then we turned our attention to when Paul was going to come in. Brendan said it be around 1:40 so the lads looked to take a sit on the path. The didn't have long to make an imprint as I gazed twice to see Paul had took the turn. Got the camera out and got the picture taken. Chip time came to 1:34:04.  First thing that came to my head was a great time that was, second part was how the heck am i going to beat him in the next running race. I will figure something out. Slip a laxative into his drink maybe. 

So I was all set for doing some workouts this week. Keep the good training up but down with a chesty cough with a sore throat. a visit to the doctor today to get me some antibiotics. That's my story now. Just waiting for some energy to come back and start back on some easy runs. 

On other news front. Galway 5km series starting in May. I managed to enter. Lots of hustle and bustle to enter as only a short amount of entries.  Managed to enter 38mins after it opened online on runierland. Site crashed a few times. It was sold out by 1hour later. I say if the site could handle the traffic. It be sold out in minutes. Limited to 600 I think. So May series here I come. Never entered a 5km race before but now I have 6 coming up.  I think i would like my time to be in the low 25mins but for now, I just look to get back out on the road and the hit the ground, RUNNING



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