05 March 2012

Run down of last week

So after the Carraroe race. Took Sunday off as I was still full of toxic from the night before.

Monday came and  I went out for a cycle. Nice 30km cycle. No pushing. Just turning the pedals. Tuesday followed with a night time run. Running crowd were out in force in town. Soles of the feet were sore starting off but a nice 6.5km was completed and happy to have that done.   No one would say a simple 'hello' or 'hi' when passing out other runners. If I say 'hi' then they will say hi. Maybe because there is so many runners out that I would spend more time saying 'Hi' then focusing on what I should be doing.

I enjoy seeing runners out. It shows i'm not the only one at this. When i run in the countryside, there is no people to be seen apart from the occasional walker. Here I set my targets. I see a runner in front and will try to catch them. Haven't got to the part where I catch them yet. Well I caught a few girls but there were coming to the end of there session where I was just starting off.

Wednesday then and I decided to hit 40km in the cycle. No serious pushing today either. Just keeping the distance up. It wasn't a laid back cycle either. Wind was full force in my face from Craughwell to Loughrea. Would like to say I am getting used to this crazy wind but no.

Was going to stay in on Thursday but said, Its a fine night out. Cold but nothing a extra layer of clothes and few minutes running wouldn't sort out. Not sure of the distances. Pushed harder in the running on Tuesday then Thursday but did an 8km run. Fellow runners were out. When running past there meet up area, you would think they have the courtesy to stand in so I could get through. I won't speak for all of them but one individual just walked across in front of me even though she saw me.  You would understand why a non-runner may do that but a runner doing that to another runner. I just don't know. When I am out running on the footpaths. I will stay in close enough to the wall in case any runner is passing me out. One main good thing i seen is that all hi-viz vests are on show there.

Took some good R&R Friday and was ready for a big Saturday session. Weather was just breaking and the sun was shining. Started of the cycle through the town. This is the first instance in where I need to change my attitude. Thinking about that part of the cycle now. I was cycling through the back street. hitting maybe 37km. This is the first problem. Even though going through the town will probably be the flattest and most smoothest part of the cycle. it is not for speeding.  A car pulled out in front of me and caused me to swerve. My hands turned Italian, while my mouth was foul. I looked up and seen it was an old woman driving. She didn't even look right when coming out from the turn. A bystander didn't even see what happened but heard me. He said it was an old woman. I said she pulled out infront of me. He said again It was an old woman, I just said Fuck off. Wish i said 'im a healthy young lad who doesn't like coming inches to inserting my head through the back window.  What I learned from this is to slow down through a built up area as to expect the unexpected. The argument old woman though. I look at this if she is not able to look to the right then she is a hazard to the road and should be put off it. Ahh.. thats a debate for another day.

The cycle continued. I used all my rage from that incident. pushing up a few hills averaging over 30km. off the bike. Told myself Im gone out to hard now but couldn't seem to stop myself. Anyways was going to put that to a stop anyway. 13km into the cycle after I pushed up over 'The hill' and down I flew reaching speed of 50km. Then I heard the thump. thump. thump. The head dropped. Back wheel puncture. Still not fast in replacing tubes so took my time at it. Got the wheel off. changed tubes. pumped up tube. All going to plan then when I took off the pump. the tip of the presta valve came off with it and got stuck in the pump. Hearing the air flow of the tyre for the second time. Head dropped even more. Couldn't get the tip out of the pump. tried opening it, few smacks. nothing. Rang Steve, I was in his country area where his home house is based. As i was talking with him, I looked at the pump and the tip must of fell out. Great stuff. 2nd tube on, pump up. Struggled with trying to get the wheel back on to the bike but managed to get it in. Don't ask me about time it took to replace but long time. I decided with no spares left, i hit back home. Any hill or increment on the way back. I be off my seat for it. Went back through kilnadeema. Overall around 28km.

Sunday session, Went out around 12. Started off cold but the sun started beaming down the heat. I just took off and focused on building up distance again. I knew this be over 10km. First 5km I was behind time by 2minutes but not to bothered. Kept a good stride and passed the 10km mark around 58:30. Kept on going and finished 11.63km in 1:07:23. That is under 6min a km so I am always happy with that part. Finished Sunday with some worthy pints watching Ireland play France.

All in all. a well 126km knocked up this week. Roughly 26km running with 100km in cycling. Couldn't ask for more.

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