23 April 2011

Health Update 2: More triggers leading to Erythema Nodosum

The weather out there is screaming for me to go out for a cycle. Doctors orders says do not do any exercise and rest up. Very tough watching cyclists pass by, wants me to knock them down and finish there cycle for them.

So what has changed since my last health update. Well i came down with a bacterial infection in my throat last week. Got some antibiotics for it. Then my bones again started to get inflamed, mainly in my arms and hands. Couldn't even open the milk top. I said another visit was needed for the doctor before it closes for Easter.  I got the last appointment available to my regular doctor. I also got pains in my chest and began to feel very tight. On Thursday morning then, i looked down at my legs and noticed 5 lumps had appeared.

So the doctor said based on the signals from the chest, lumps on the leg and the inflammation that it is not reactive arthritis but now believes its Erythema Nodosm.  i could go into much detail on this subject here but there is a great article located on the the Patient site (Click here for more information on Erythema Nodosm)

I will say I'm glad the doctor thinks its not reactive arthritis. But Erythema Nodosm is a serious rare condition and that is frightening in itself.  The pains in my lungs  maybe Sarcoidosis and a chest x-ray will be carried out next week. The Easter holidays has affected me from carrying this out now.  My mother told me she got sarcoidosis just after having me and unfortunately it does run in the family.  (Click here for more information on Sarcoidosis)

So until i get the tests done. Doctor has ordered me not to do any exercise, In fact, I am to put my feet up over the Easter holidays and the less walking i do the better. Just waiting now for a call from the doctor to when I go in for that x-ray and take it from there. 

Well I will curl to a movie each night to see me through the Easter. Got myself Invictus, Warrior King and Remember the Titans. Good film on the Manchester united team that went down in the Munich disaster. Think it focuses mainly on the aftermath and already causing a bit of an uproar with the Busby family. BBC Sunday night 9pm I will soon be allowed chocolate.. added bonus.  lent nearly over

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