15 July 2011

5 in a row

It has being a tough week as I put some session together. I usually take a day off after two or three day session.  I had a good Sunday alcohol session so Monday was a cycling day.  I had cut down on the cycling to zero when i was preparing for the Achill half.  I took the bike out for a few rides since then but Monday was my furthest. I embarked on a 40km journey. I planned the journey in advance so when i rode out, I took it handy and didn't push too hard as i didn't do that distance in months. I brought along an energy gel and took it around the 25Km mark. My cycling computer gave me a pace of 24.7km/Hour and I was very impressed with that.

The following day I wanted to get out and do a 9km run. I wasn't feeling the best and legs were tired but I got out. The heat was blasting down and I guess the previous day cycle really caught up with me. I was planning to pass my house as the route was in a figure eight so when i finished the first loop, i was too tired to continue on and called it a day. 5Km in total, maybe not a good idea to pass by your house on a run. I planned to do a 10km the following day.

The next day I was expecting to be refreshed as it was a short run the day before but the legs still felt heavy and the heat was beaming down on top of me. I didn't manage that 10km but hit a 7km.  I was thinking that cycle had a big affect on me but I didn't want to take a rest day after only completing a12km run in total. i did manage that Wednesday to have a puck around for an hour. More sweating to be done.

Thursday came and I was up early. Following a good stretch of weather, I decided to hit out on the bike and take a new route. Down by Craughwell and hit another back road to Ardrahan and back to Castledaly.  Distance was up to 30km and hit a pace of 25.3km/hour. I like looking at Dailymile.com and it notes i completed 82km completed for the week but still only 12km in a run so for the 3rd time this week i set out to do a 10km.

The legs even more tired from previous days but this time i had a plan. I was going to do the route around the Loughrea lake. There is no shortcuts. When i get half way then there is no turning back, might as well continue on since the back half is more flat.  I parked the car up at the Lake car park and took off towards the town, nice few flat Kms and let my legs settle into it. I could feel the legs straight away but i wasn't stopping. A fellow took off from the lake infront of me and i thought he might be going around the lake as well. He turned off another way in town. Running in town was grand, so many things grab your attention and i didn't notice that km pass. It was just after 3km when the fun begins. Straight after the turn was a hill and basically 4 to 5 hills over the next 4km with two nice downhill stretches.  Once I seen the church i knew the hills are finished. I finished the 11km lake in a time 1:14:10. 

There is a shower facility at the lake and even had hot water so i was glad off that. I'm still trying to figure out how I managed to get around the 10km Grey lake race in 57:49 last September.  I know i have being out for months at the start of the year but hopefully i can beat that time next time around. Right no, I'm going to enjoy a rest day tomorrow. Wouldn't mind doing a cycle of up to 50km next week. Here is for hoping. All in all its being a tough 5 days but worth it.

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